How does a mom get it all done?!

Ohh you thought that I knew?! I'm just a mom rookie

trying to figure it all out too!

I am currently surrounded by a sewing machine with fabric; postponing curtains for our VW bus for months, loads of laundry, lots of dishes in the sink, toys scattered through out the house, a notebook with a very long to do list for the day with only 1 item marked off.. oh and it's 8:00 pm!


My background is graphic design and though I did not end up with a career in design, I sure like to postpone my to-do lists to design to- do lists!

As I searched and searched on the life-saving PINTEREST... I could not find a to-do list that would meet our family need


I hope you find our weekly to-do list helpful. When I designed it I had the working, do it all, no messing around mom in mind! I sent this to a friend and to quote "... initial thoughts on the "cleaning" schedule was "um where is the Dad helping out?!" Oh, do not be fooled, I am MOST DEFINITELY a delegator... so feel free to use a fancy high lighter to give some tasks to your partner if you are privileged to have help.


On the weekly to-do list you have daily sections for the kiddos, for you (even a reminder to take your vitamin), house stuff, goals for the week (yoga twice, drink enough water, call your grandma), dinner planning, place to schedule a date, and the big enchilada a weekly cleaning list.


So lets see if I can manage to use this thing myself and get a little more organized and who doesn't love crossing things off a list!!


Good luck to all you bomb moms for trying it do it all!


DOWNLOAD your PDF attachment here!

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