Annie Kendall


Hi. I’m Annie. I’m a wife, mama, business owner, and coffee obsessed.

I am very thankful that my husband and I run a business together and we get to share time with our baby back at the homestead.

I have to be honest though - I love time with my little man but… it’s really hard to stay home! It's also hard to work full time and come home to do everything else that's been waiting for you!

I am not a blogger, nor writer, and I only have 18 months experience with mom life, but I spend a lot of time on Pinterest trying to figure out this whole balancing act!  It would be nice if all of those tools, and all of that advice, were in one spot AND I like to throw a good party, ergo the BMSC! 

This project came about for a need for moms to have "their" time, connect with other mamas, and gear it towards busy moms that might need some inspiration or just have fun together!

I just want a place where we pull together all you Bomb Mom’s that have been doing this work-life / mom-life thing, that have learned some things along the way.

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